Sunday, September 20, 2015

A review: Nivea Pure & Natural Cleasing Face Toner


Good evening everybodehh. This beautiful evening (not really, still jerebu) i would like to share my very first toner (lame me). Macam mana hati tergerak nak pakai toner? well to be honest i am very scared when it comes to toner, before this I always think that toner is very harm to your skin because the ingredients itself yang bau mencengkam hidung. Baru bau dah sakit hidung then you expect me to sapu on my face? BIG NO! way. But this Nivea toner has changed my perception towards toner  (big applause). FYI, this is not a sponsored product or etc, this is just my story :).

If you look at the ingredients, semuanya dia guna benda organic. I'm a organic freak tehee. since my skin is sensitive so it's a big yay for me to try. Actually ada orang recommend this toner to me if tak aku pun tak tahu wujudnya toner ni HAHA.

bestnya toner ni:
1.dia tak menyakitkan or pedih
2.tak rasa menyengat or tak selesa after sapu
3. it is organic
4. the price is affordable and mampu milik untuk student, around RM 15 ++
5. bau wangi lembut tak sakitkan hidung

Makanya dengan ini cuba la, anda takkan menyesal :D

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